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American Conquest: Divided Nation Game Full Version Download by CDV Software Entertainment

1888 Free online Games » American Conquest: Divided Nation
Download American Conquest: Divided Nation Full Version
American Conquest: Divided Nation is a strategy game. Here players will play the role of Civil War captain and take part in battles of 19th century like American Civil War, the Texas War for Independence and the Battle ofNew Orleans.
List Price $29.99
Everyone 10+

Platform: Windows NT / 98 / 2000 / XP

American Conquest: Divided Nation Game Detail  
CDV Software Entertainment
Many cities like Mexico, Texas and other North and South region areas starts fighting to develop a huge empire. At the battle of New Orleans, American military force will fight battle against British and Alamo is a famous Texan war where Mexican army will try to protect their territorial claims. To conquer Union blue or Confederacy gray, many brothers like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant Antietam and Gettysburg will start fighting with each other. On Battle mode, you can fight 9 types of campaign and use more than 50 maps while taking part on missions. This game is having 100 units and 20 new buildings where Pioneer troops, powerful static artillery and submarines can be used. Prove your military powers in single-player mode or demolish the ambitions of would-be armchair generals online. Prove your military powers while playing on single-player mode or fulfill the ambitions of wining while playing it online.
user's review for American Conquest: Divided Nation game
I feel very proud while becoming captain of Cival War. A powerful team of my choice was taken and trained them properly. This team has taken part on combats like American Civil War, the Battle of New Orleans and many more and defeated rival teams. - By Greenfield
This game was played by me on battle mode and get indulge while taking part in all missions. Through maps advance planning for searching shortcuts and overcome all barriers. Like this my missions get completed at right time. All children who want to fight battle of 19th century must play it. - By Risko
All units of this game are very interesting and I do not get bored while playing this game 3 times. At single player mode, powerful static artillery and submarines were used to overcome enemies’ attacks and reaching at destination on right time. Many people can easily install this game and run it on Windows 98, XP and 2000. - By Henman
I and my family members have played this game online. All steps for playing are explained in simple manner by CDV Software Entertainment so without any trouble many combats were won and feel happy after becoming winner of the game. - By Nocera
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