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Bejeweled 3 Game Full Version Download by PopCap Games

1888 Free online Games » Puzzles Games » Bejeweled 3
Download Bejeweled 3 Full Version
Bejeweled 3 is one of the longest and brightest games.

Platform: Windows Vista / 7 / XP, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow

Bejeweled 3 Game Detail  
PopCap Games
This game is providing large number of interesting puzzles that can be solved on 8 types of modes like classic mode, quest mode, zen mode, secret mode etc. In classic mode, famous puzzle games and ultra-smooth gameplay are present. In quest mode, 40 magical puzzles can be solved taking multifaceted bejeweled challenge. Zen mode will give you lots of experience by providing sights, sounds and binaural beats for generating best retreat of your choice. In secret mode, 4 new games can be explored for playing. Lightning mode can be used by experienced person for more fun and their multifaceted skills will be proved if they are able to collect 65 badges. As new gems fall into place, large number of matches can be played. It is looking more interesting than other games by its animated graphics.
user's review for Bejeweled 3 game
As my vacation is going to start soon so I would like to purchase this game. I know it will surely entertain me for many hours by providing lots of puzzles for playing. The graphics and colors of this game will attract all type of players for playing this game many times. - By RebeccaKollaras
I will play this game in quest mode and zen mode. While playing, I will accept multifaceted bejeweled challenge and prove myself my finishing this game at right time. I am also very much excited for solving 40 magical puzzles of this game. - By Howmann
As I am a great fan of PopCap Games publisher so I will purchase this game without any doubt. While playing this game in secret mode, I will search all hidden games and will surely complete them by utilizing all features of the game and by my own experience. - By Razaif
While playing this game I will participate in all matches to improve my skills. By putting my all effort I will collect all 65 badges to finish this game at right time. - By Boardman
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