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Fallout Classic Collection Game Full Version Download by Gator

1888 Free online Games » Sports Games » Fallout Classic Collection
Download Fallout Classic Collection Full Version
Fallout Classic Collection allows players to take part on 5 sports game like Badminton, Squash, Tennis, Ping Pong and Beach Tennis.
List Price $19.99
Not Rated

Platform: Windows Vista / 7 / XP

Fallout Classic Collection Game Detail  
Fallout Classic Collection can be played on 6 modes like quick match, party mode, around-the-world, friendly tournament, friendly championship and training. You can visit at 40 exciting locations like a New York Loft, Fan-filled Stadium, Underwater Reef and a Moroccan Palace. It is a multiplayer game that can be played with four players on internet. Surrounding environments are having high resolution graphics.
user's review for Fallout Classic Collection game
I am a sports player so make lots of fun while playing Badminton and Tennis. My knowledge about rules to be followed while playing has improved and I will implement them in my daily life to win the competition. - By Harrison
Fallout Classic has given me opportunity to go on long trip towards thrilling regions like New York Loft, Moroccan Palace and Underwater Reef. I feel very happy when my mission gets completed at right time. - By Trott
My three brothers and I have played this game on internet. A strong competition gets started between us and we get indulge for many hours. Through my skills and experience, all goals were achieved and declared me as winner. - By Getsey
Friendly championship mode was used for playing and I proved myself by winning championship. It is easily getting installed on common operating systems like Windows XP and Vista so everybody can play it at home pc also. - By Chow
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