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GSP Pool Hall Game Full Version Download by Global Software Publishing

1888 Free online Games » Sports Games » GSP Pool Hall
Download GSP Pool Hall Full Version
GSP Pool Hall is a new and different kind of pool game which offers various new levels which you can play with your friends.
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Windows 98 / 2000 / Me / XP

GSP Pool Hall Game Detail  
Global Software Publishing
There are 7 standard pool games included in GSP Pool Hall game such as euro 8ball, snooker, us 8ball, speed ball and more. Easy to upgrade the look of the table, cues and ball sets. If you are the beginners of the game just play in practice mode against other pool hall characters. There are also various levels in the game which you can play in both single and multiplayer modes such as slam, tournament, play in practice and many more. Graphics of the entire game are created in 3D style through state-of-the-art artificial technology. Experience all action of the game like roll, the stick-to-ball collision, real-time ball tracking and friction. As you move forward in the game there are several challenging opponents comes which make the gameplay harder.
user's review for GSP Pool Hall game
Till now I have played various sports game, but GSP Pool Hall is one of the best game among them. Through this game I can also able to improve my skill of playing pool game against other players. - By Matthew
There are several new levels and pool games included in GSP Pool Hall which I can play and enjoy with my friends. Try this game for once and I sure you will like it to play again & again. Best game to play at home instead of going at pool parlour. - By Lance
In the game there are also several levels added by which I can get the idea of gameplay and play against other opponents easily. Graphics are really designed in a nice way which makes realize of an original pool game. - By Mike
I can also change table, cues and ball sets in each level and make the entire gameplay experience in my own style. I have never played any sports game regarding pool, so that I have decided to purchase this game and the experience of it is outstanding!!! - By Greg
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