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High Heat Baseball 2000 Game Full Version Download by 3DO

1888 Free online Games » Sports Games » High Heat Baseball 2000
Download High Heat Baseball 2000 Full Version
Prepare yourself to play the marvelous sports game of 3DO publisher on your pc. 3DO restructures perfect look and feel of the baseball.

Windows 95/98/Me

High Heat Baseball 2000 Game Detail  
Experience the realistic game play with the game “High Heat Baseball 2000”. Life-like high-resolution 3D graphics and moves of fielding and running gives realistic game play. First of all select from 38 stadiums and 750 MLBPA players with four new. Have fun of arcade action and situation management.
user's review for High Heat Baseball 2000 game
Woooow!!! The graphics are superb!!! Each player display in 3D effects, as well as every ground looks attractive and authentic. Mixture of ambient sound effects will create live situation of the play ground. - By Vaughn
Ah….smell of fresh slash grass and pine tar gives idea of springs means it’s a time for BASEBALL. Just download High Heat Baseball 2000 today and enjoy baseball anytime. Career mode is tough to beat opponent player, so you can bring out your talent. - By Glazer
High Heat Baseball 2000 is one of the most happening games that give hours of fun. Choosing option provides ability to select the player of own choice from 750 MLBPA players plus you can modify look and attribute of every player. - By Fernando
Strong management options and arcade action makes this game more interesting. Use some tricks to play the game and also take advantage of this feature for more fun. I will highly RECOMMANDED it to all mine friends. - By Ann
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