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Jack of all Tribes Game Full Version Download by DivoGames

1888 Free online Games » Simulation Games » Jack of all Tribes
Download Jack of all Tribes Full Version
It is very interesting game which throws player into primitive island and free a family of broken citizens in this wonderful of time management and adventure.
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Windows XP/Vista/7 Processor: PIII 1000 MHz DirectX 8.1 512 MB RAM Free hard drive space: 135 MB

Jack of all Tribes Game Detail  
In the Jack of all Tribes, Jack was at fun park and spend time over their. As he knows his next journey will plunge him into lifetime adventure. Due to some odd incidence, he was sent back on primal island where citizens declared him their leader. As a leader, player has to help them to hunt for food, build shelters, mix drinks and turn back enemies. Just join Jack on islands to guide natives to build helpful buildings, gather required resources and decorate the landscape. All citizens will reward you with helpful items and compliments. Have fun of mini-games and get incredible rewards.
user's review for Jack of all Tribes game
Before few weeks I download Jack of all Tribes on mine Window Vista… It takes very less time to download it and runs smoothly on it without any problem of judder & hanging. - By Kenn
Amazing storyline attracts me more while playing Jack of all Tribes game for the first time. Once I immersed in pleasurable story than till 2 hours I forgot whole world and totally involve in that world. - By White
The thing that I like the most about this time management game is graphic. Sharp & natural graphic makes whole game interesting and addictive. I strongly recommend it to all mine friends… - By Robert
Very exciting, cool and addictive game for simulation lovers… I really love the given task, which gives me satisfactory game playing experience at end. If you want to download game than it is the best for you. - By Jacob
Jack of all Tribes is my most favorite game with incredible gameplay. As well as it gives me chance to play in past and know about their people & culture. One of the best game that gives hours of fun… - By Fernando
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