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Madden NFL 2006 Game Full Version Download by Electronic Arts

1888 Free online Games » Sports Games » Madden NFL 2006
Download Madden NFL 2006 Full Version
Madden NFL 2006 is a sports game which is nicely published by Electronic Arts.
List Price $9.99

Windows XP

Madden NFL 2006 Game Detail  
Electronic Arts
Play Madden NFL 2006 which includes all new and improved online options to give real NFL gameplay experience. There are more than 60 players included which you can select according to your playing skill and opponent team. Use analog stick control feature to select and handle your own choice of player. This game also offers all new truck stick control by which you can easily face big hits of opponent’s team. Create your own player in NFL superstar mode and guide them on & off the field. The entire gameplay experience change in a real NFL match through original camera angles, enhanced graphics and new commentary & cut scenes.
user's review for Madden NFL 2006 game
There are various new and improved controls included in the game which keeps me more excited while playing. I have played this game for several times with my brother and till now I don’t felt bored. Highly recommendable for everyone… - By Paul
In Madden NFL 2006 I can select my own choice of player and also control them throughout the whole game. Each player of the game is new and has unique skill by which I can easily pass from all challenges. - By Anne
There are different sports game in my collection, but I always love to play Madden NFL 2006 because it is new and interesting among others. The complete experience of playing Madden NFL 2006 is more amazing with help of its new graphics, features and many more. - By Phillip
I decided to buy and play this game because I am a big fan of NFL & I never missed to watch any NFL match. Through this game I can got opportunity to play with my favourite team. Best game for NFL fans!!! - By Sharon
Buy Madden NFL 2006 Game
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