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Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis Game Full Version Download by Dreamcatcher

1888 Free online Games » Simulation Games » Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis
Download Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis Full Version
Arsene Lupin is a young burglar with remarkable track record in the Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis. You are a famous detective Sherlock Holmes and he challenged you to find out him with your faithful friend Dr Watson.
List Price $19.99
Everyone 10+

Windows XP/Vista/2000

Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis Game Detail  
Play game in 19th Century of London, where Lupin declared that he plans to rob 5 valuable objects of capital on route of five days. So, this well-known memorial in London becomes background of your investigation. The objects are located in highly prominent locations like the British Museum, the National Gallery, Buckingham Palace! Sherlock Holmes and Tower of London. The hundreds of works devotedly reproduced for you in your way. Player has to work together with above 40 different characters in investigation. To lead the whole investigation just utilize and merge over 100 objects and try to discover hundreds of clues & documents. Its real-time 3D technology offers thrilling environments for investigation. You have to gather courage and cleverness to save England from dreadful humiliation.
user's review for Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis game
Enjoyable Simulation Game!!! It is much more enjoyable than the previous Sherlock Holmes Awakened. This game gives challenge to the masters, because one you forget to pick one item than you are blocked. Try to play it. - By Wragg
Woooow… Superb GRAPHICS. As I start to explore the different kind of four places I m really pleasure to explore them. Each place is displayed beautifully and delightfully. The 3D effects add more thrilling & exciting investigation environments. - By Jay
Fill your dream to become an investigator through the Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis. You just have to use your expertise, ability and smartness to find the highly intellectual thief, who has very long track record. - By Dresner
Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis is one of my most favorite game, which has very addictive storyline. I also like the voice acting of investigator that gives me realistic game play. Overall it is awesome. - By Ron
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