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Author crazymonkeygame [ Crazy Monkey Games ]
In this game your goal is to assemble all the green tags and go to exit as quickly as possible while avoiding to crashing your head with any walls. Try to balance yourself while in the air, before landing and jumping from one stage to the other. Good luck
About Game
You have to use many key to play this game like use up arrow keys to strangle, down arrow keys to backward, right and left arrow keys to change the angle to bike. Press spacebar to change direction. You can end a race at anytime by pressing tab or escape..
Single Mode
Adrenaline Challenge 
Adrenaline Challenge
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user's review for Adrenaline Challenge game
Adrenaline Challenge rocks and is a simple but nice name to play online. - By Jim
I love this game. It the best game ever made, man. - By Chris
OMG, best game of my life. Its what i play all night rather than doing my colleg work. Rock on dudes! - By Matt
I love this game...I could play it all day and then still want to play it again tomorrow! - By Brad
This Game is a very good and hard game especially on the revolution 909 - By Shay
Adrenaline Challenge is wicked its the best game in the world init - By Ben
This is the best game i have ever played it is quality. I like to play this game. Very nice game to play. - By LILY
This game is one of the best 3d online flash games i have played the best!!! I love the fact that you get money to upgrade your stuff the only way you could make this game better would be too add the option of buying guns aswell other than that a great ga - By Peggy
you should make the game more dangres like jump over a pond or a lake with els and jump over cars that are moveing 100 mph - By Clayton
Adrenaline Challenge is very good but i think that it is a bit complacated and hard.the hardest bit i think is on stage two.please maybe make the game a little bit more easier too play,thankyou - By Imojen
Adrenaline Challenge is A very Challenging Game for me. Iam 17 years old and a game freak and this is the hardest one i have played. - By Justin
Adrenaline Challenge is the greatest! But I am having a little trouble on revolution 909 but otherwisw its great. From Hanna_girlygal - By Hanna
It is very nice game that provides challenge to play as you have to keep balance of the bike when it jumps in the air and you have to drive care fully avoiding the wall that can be cause to crash. A little more attempt to play this game can give you perfect control over the bike. Now accept this challenge and play this wonderful game. Good Luck!!! - By Susan
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