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You have to eat all the snakes to move onto the next level. Try to avoid the tree ghosts beardy, wheelie and tricky. Eat power pillis to turn the tables on the ghosts, if you can catch a ghost while he is flashing green, you can send him back to his crypt.
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To play this awesome flash game with the use of Up and Down arrow keys to move forwards and back. Left and Right arrow keys to turn left or right. Have fun. .
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Pacman 3D 
Pacman 3D
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Pacman 3D is the most popular free online game in all flash game users in my opinion. It is a very addicting and challenging game for all game users of this game. - By John
I can tell u without any hesitation that Pacman 3D is a good game for all game users who will play it. It has lots of fun and more enjoyment to play. - By Mussi
I am so happy to play this game. Pacman 3D is a fantastic game. I like and love this game very much. This is a wonderful game. What a great 3D game. - By Tim
This type of enjoyable game is always memorable for me and every people in my view. I have added this game in my best games collection list and I want to play this game again and again!! - By Gorman
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