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Author 2dplay [ 2d Play Games ]
Utilize your mouse to clack on a friend to fling a existence preserver before they become a victim. This online crook assault flash game is straightforward to dwell in you. Take happiness in shark attack flash game. A freak wave came down and ended all the population on your ship drop into the deep. You are the just one left on slat. Help I am been eaten by a sharks. Save your mate. Nice concept game.
About Game
Be cautious of Shark A large wave has knock everybody apart from you off the strike of your ship into the swindler unhealthy waters. Use your mouse to play this game. It is up to you put away your acquaintances from a shark assault by throw them an life p.
Single Mode
Shark Attack 
Shark Attack
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user's review for Shark Attack game
This is one of the great and best like 3d flash game, I am very enjoying and entertainment by this game, I like so much about graphic and design are so wonderful and charming in this game. Just like lovely and cool. - By Rommy
PASSION!!!!! It is one type of passion to play action game and its concept is really marvelous than other games so I am big fan of this stunning game. I am very thankful to the game maker for creating this kind of adventure game. - By Teow
I am truly very amazed through play this game and when I have played it first time I was really excited and played it lots of times but I never bored through play it. I am sure you will love and like it after played it once. - By Bastian
Hey buddy!!! Its all features are worth of mind and its sound system is rocking like really I catch the shark and kill them. As per my playing experience this is accurate game for those who had not played this kind of games before. - By Hines
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Shark Games
Shark Games
Shark Games
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