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Author 2dplay [ 2d Play Games ]
Try to kill bart as much as possible. You can get extra points by killing other creatures. But! Don't kill Maggie or homer, because you'll lose points then. You have 150 seconds to get as much points as possible.
About Game
In this game you have to hit anyone that comes into the screen. Test for yourself which character is most dangerous. Hurry to play this game and shoot anyone. Good luck.
Single Mode
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user's review for Simpsons game
Simpsons is Exciting or Excellent! I am playing this online Game! Best Online Game Ever Played! I like very much and most beautiful and bold - By Jason
This is a nice shooting game. Simpson is one of favorite cartoon character and this game is based on Simpson. I like to play this game very much. This is a great game. - By Donny
I am a great fan of Simpsons. He is one of my favorite cartoon characters and this game is based on Simpsons. So I am a great fan of this game. This is a very interesting game. I love this game very much. - By Toren
I love all these games they are really fun, please can you make some more! I love everything about the simpsons my room is filled with all these posters and merchandise. Keep going Nadja Blair - By Nadja
Ah…Simpsons!! The task is little bit challenging that needs more power and strength! You just need to use skill to demolish bart but be careful to not kill Maggie. Full of fun from starting to end… - By Barry
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