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Spider Man City Raid Game Details
Author hybridarcade [ hybridarcade ]
Spiderman Flash Game City Raid is a very fun addicting game that you can pretend to be Spider Man for a minute. In this Spiderman Flash Game you have to swing through the city in this elevation scrolling game. Aim and get as distant as you can as you swing from platform to platform. Shoot your webs as Spider-Man and dont fall to your death.
About Game
In this game you have to help Spiderman throw his web on buildings and other objects in the city. Use left mouse click your Mouse to sling Spidy's web. Use you mouse to guide the direction of his web..
Single Mode
Spider Man City Raid 
Spider Man City Raid
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user's review for Spider Man City Raid game
I loved it very much, it's very addicting. Great job, I spend about an hour to playing this game and trying to beat the part with the big wall, which probably sounds pretty pathetic. This game is really very interesting. - By Jakob
Spider Man City Raid is one cool game you create some very pleasant touches like the play menu and the graphics. Its a pretty fun challenging game that takes a little practice before you can be as good as the real Spiderman. - By Martin
Spider Man City Raid is an awesome game buddy. I love Spiderman so this game is one of the greatest games for me. I like everything in this game very much. This game is fully funny game - By Tom
Spider Man City Raid is outrages! Its so fun and so kool! but when hes walking it looks like hes drunk you might want to fix that...and there are some glitches too. But overall that was the best game ever! - By Spiderman
we played it in turns and added up our scores at the end its really fun and so addicting - By Georgie & callum
Spider Man City Raid is sooo awesome i luv spiderman it is soooo much fun its cool i want to meet spiderman one day ill be on tv wih spiderman - By Gabryel
Spider Man City Raid is so cool i have been looking for a good game but this game is great and spider-man rules!!!! thanks to who ever put this game on!!! - By David
Spider Man City Raid is very nice and wonderful it is the best spiderman game ever i will play it every time mwa mwa mwa thank you that you made this nice game - By Aya
Spider Man City Raid is mot real fun. Everyone likes this type interesting game. I highly suggest this game to each my friend and each one. - By Lluvia
Spider Man City Raid is excellent. It is really tremendously fun addicting game. I always play this game in a personal computer system. It is too amazing I love Spiderman it is so much enjoyable. - By Melissa
It is the most awesome game i have ever played. Come on! Amazing! This action game rules dude good job. I like it a lot! I am a big fan of this GREAT Game. - By Kau Raunt
Get prepared to play through fun-filled and exciting action game named Spider Man City Raid!! I always wanted to play role of Spider Man and this game has given me opportunity to play as my favorite character & save the entire world. One of the best game Iíve played so far. - By Wilson
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