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Total War is a marvelous war game with the simple rule! Here, player has to set a team and then fight it out. First of all add player and also set the controls in Character Setup menu. Player can select team and also remove them. It’s compulsory to have at least two teams with at least one player. Enjoy this fun war game against computer or friend in different game modes like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Last Man.
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Have a fun of the game with the keyboard control. Interact with different menu options with the mouse control. .
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Total War 
Total War
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user's review for Total War game
War…war…war… Full of war and action from beginning to end!!! Full of fun and violence that makes me addict in just few minutes. In short, it is full of fun to play! Children and also elders like lot! - By Jeff
Recently we have played it and throughout enjoyed lot! Multi-player mode is the best to play! Me and my bro starts war…at first I gave him tough fight but then not able to get flag. But suddenly use control properly and be a champ. - By Marc
I would like to start from by saying that Total War is AWESOME!!! You can call more than 3 players to play as well as target is too much exciting, so once we start to play then don’t like to put it down. - By Appleman
Action + Fun = Total War!! To enjoy in multi-mode I have select simple and almost same control to tackle both character at a time. Tons of fun!! Addictive!!! If u really want to check your skill then play in multi mode rather than against computer. - By KevinDoel
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War Games
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