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There is a man and a woman in the game. Select one of them and play. The dinosaurs will harm you so try to stay alive against them. Save the life of your player which you selected and stay alive and clear the stages.
About Game
(movement=>arrow) Use arrow keys to play the Dinosaurs and Cadillac game. Use right arrow key and up arrow key for shoot the Pteranodonts, Velociraptors and Tyranosauruses and down arrow key to attack Stegosauruses..
Single Mode
Dinosaurs and Cadillac 
Dinosaurs and Cadillac
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user's review for Dinosaurs and Cadillac game
What a fantastic graphics this game has!!! I like the man to play the game. He has good body and I like when he jumps for shoot the Dinosaurs. The display is too good. - By Chris Bryant
The Dinosaurs and Cadillac is really amazing game because it has totally different theme. The place in which the player runs is very nice the area with green grass increase the beauty of the game. - By Martin Lemieux
When my dad showed me this game I became so happy. I have played this game for so many times in last two days. If I play this game for long time; I donít get bored. - By Carrie Reeder
When I have seen this game for the first time I really impressed by this game. Now I am a big fan of this game. When my friends come at my house I play this game with them too. - By Peter Crump
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