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Author gametop [ gametop ]
This game is the extremely profound in air space, and itís a very high- fleet of weird star ship is title to just before ball. This world has only one fighter of express in shape for your mission, you are included toward pulled down the strange of some price tag. You are the just help the work, and it fighter boat has a build, set as a ready with a laser guns, plasma mega blaster, tachyon armaments, time freezer, and shield producer. So you are now prepaid to your mission without more ado. Best of luck for you.
About Game
You have a go about your computer mouse and gone to right click the fighter ship. You have to just press left gun mouse button. This game was starting on push the gun control key. This game is extremely demanding & very great game for all users of this ga.
Single Mode
Galaxy Invaders 
Galaxy Invaders
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user's review for Galaxy Invaders game
Galaxy was an awesome game, enough said!.... well maybe some better audio in it, but otherwise, this one good.. especially the graphics and game play. Good job on the variety and originality. It's always hard trying to make something interesting. - By Thomas
Finally, a good remake of space/galaxy invaders. Well done, it's challenging, funny, different and cooler than all other noobish remakes on New grounds. At first, I thought "yay, cool menu!" then "well made backgrounds and enemies!", and when I saw the difference within the levels, I was really starting to like it =D. Good job again, and I hope to see more of your work ;) - By Mike
This is a great shooting game. in this game you have to shoot galaxyís enemies as fast as possible and collected deferent weapon to shoot them. This game is amazing. I love this game very much. - By Greg
This is my most favorite flash game in all online flash game. I am very enjoying in this game when I play this game. This is very electrifying game for me. I am very happy to this game. - By Martin
I am fully satisfied whit this game. U can play this game very simple but this is very testing game. I love this all things but I highly preferred this game concept. Totally wonderful game!!!!!!!!!!! - By Lemieux
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