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Author gamegecko [ gamegecko ]
In this game you have to keep away from spikes to get to the end of the level by changing the direction of gravity. You have to click the red gravity shifter button to adjust the power of gravity. Try to dodge the objects as they pass by.
About Game
To play this wonderful game you have to use your mouse to clicking the red gravit button perfectly. In this game you have to be careful because this game is very fast so hurry up and play this game..
Single Mode
Gravity Vortex 
Gravity Vortex
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user's review for Gravity Vortex game
This is the tightest game I have ever played. Awesome game! I'll play it again and again. This game is very interesting. I like to play this game. - By White
This game is much superior, in my opinion and the game play was soft. I give this a 9/10. It was easy to beat that level and carry on to the next. - By Alan
This is a very cool game to play. This game is very fast game you have to be careful. This game is quite difficult to me because it is very speedy but this is a very nice game. - By David
Gravity Vortex game is very funny. I love to play this fantastic game. this is a best game I ever played. I like it very much. - By Chris
Hurry up to play this game. This is a fantastic game. In this game you have to be very accurate. This is a one of the great game. - By Jenny
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