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Author games2web [ games2web ]
This is an interactive flash game giving you an opportunity to explore the home of the Simpsons and meet all the members of the family. This game also has many hidden surprises in store for you. Just Left Click on anything to interact with it. There are so many attractions in this game and you have to find them. Good luck.
About Game
This is a great Simpsons game. There are lots of other interactive items in the game which you have to find out yourself by clicking on different things. Point your mouse at the "To Do List" in the top left of the game window for details of what there is to do and see in the house. Enjoy the game..
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Simpsons Home Interactive 
Simpsons Home Interactive
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user's review for Simpsons Home Interactive game
Simpsons Home Interactive is a very good flash game. The background music is just to keep you happy. The graphics are all good apart from the sofa. I like the way you can look at things in each room but there are some rooms that you can't go into. I think this is the great game. - By Stuart
This was very well game and a good idea would be great with mini games or somethingís and an intro. That was really well made. I am very happy to play this game. - By Pinter
Simpsons Home Interactive is good to know there are still Simpsons fans out there. I loved all the detail that you put into the house. This game gives me lots of fun. - By Tracy
Simpsons Home Interactive is a good game its fun and enjoyable every kid should play it and you could make it load faster it takes for ever it good I will buy it when I get it. - By Kent
The Simpsons Home Interactive is D best. This great game is providing me a chance to explore the house of the Simpsons and meet every member of the family. - By Gangster04
Simpsons Home Interactive is cool because I like it a lot. Its graphics are also good. I am tremendously excited when I play this game. - By Deborah
Simpsons Home Interactive is this game is so perfect. Thanks......... It is very interesting and intelligent Arcade game. - By ANIQ
The simpsons home interactive is fun and great and also funny. I like it a lot. Thank you so muchÖ. - By Margaret
It's a good game, I guess... I will give it an 8/10. Itís incredibly eye-catching and brilliant game. I like it a lot. Thank you so much! - By Michael
Simpsons Home Interactive is an absolutely awesome game...if i knew how to get into it itís become amazing!!!! - By Melissa
Wow!!! What a game! The Simpsons Home Interactive is very attractive game with its beautiful graphics and music. It also provides many hidden things which you have to find out in this way it creates excitement and curiosity as you have to move from one room to another to find out them. It also provides fun throughout the game. - By Mancini
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Simpsons Home Interactive
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