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Author crazymonkeygame [ Crazy Monkey Games ]
In this game you target is helping the little guy to demolish all the bouncing balls before your time runs out. There are 3 different weapons in this game: the pistol, the harpoon and the grab weapon. There are lots of power ups to pick up to help you complete the game, but there are also many barrier in the game so be careful.
About Game
Try to catch the clock and the pistol gun at the similar time. It will make it much easier to destroy many balls while they are bouncing. You move with the ARROW KEYS and shoot with the space bar. Good luck!.
Single Mode
Super Pang 
Super Pang
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user's review for Super Pang game
I like this game as it's game play is good and it is superb. I like to say thank you to making a great game like this. Good job - By Peter
Super Pang is a very funny interesting game. The game is easy, but really well done. I like the character of this game. This is the best game. - By Deved
The game is simple, but really well done the game concept is awesome. Nice work, it is really enjoyable. - By Rock
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