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Chess is a spare time and competitive game for two players. The purpose of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king. This occurs when the king is under instantaneous attack (in check) and there is no way to stop it from being captured on the next move. This is one of a kind flash 3d chess game where you can play a real chess game with a computer. Don't under estimate the computer chess player.
About Game
First, choose the playing mode (Shallow or Deep). You move first. Click a chess piece with left mouse button and then click a square you want to move it on. The squares where your chess piece can be moved are highlighted with green color. To restart the game uses the restart button. .
Single Mode
3d Chess 
3d Chess
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user's review for 3d Chess game
3d Chess is a great chess game. I can't thump the chess played by the computer many times. So now, it is your turn to play the chess in 3d flash mode with the computer. Be the winner in this flash 3d Chess games. - By Bingham
I think 3d Chess was kind of simple i mean i won in 35 moves but this was really good. Sounds would be nice also... Nice graphics and everything is good in this game. Good work. - By Hesser
I love chess, there are different difficulty levels and it was really amazing. I beat the computer once. This is really very uncomplicated and good chess game. - By Matthew
3d Chess has a unbelievable retarded A.I if you move ur queen directly infornt of the computers castle it will move a random pawn forward instead of take the queen - By Chad
During trip I like to play the chess to kill the time. Last time I pick the 3d Chess! Great experience to play in 3D graphics! like to suggest all chess fans to must play it, uíll surely admire it. - By Olson
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