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Brick Smasher is very excellent game where your mission is to break all the tiles available in game at different places by throwing ball. You may get some power ups from that tiles. Score as much points as possible in game by following this procedure. You have only two lives to complete the entire game.
About Game
(fire=> left mouse, movement=> mouse) Make a left click when ball is on the pad to fire it and move the mouse to save the ball from going down..
Single Mode
Brick Smasher 
Brick Smasher
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user's review for Brick Smasher game
Throw the ball towards the strips and get points by destroying strips. The ball will move in the air and destroys strips but it may any time come down so save the ball from going down. - By Payne
Here our task is to break all these tiles in game with ball. It is very simple game to play so try out this wonderful entertaining game. I had lots of fun in playing this game. - By Michel
To play Brick Smasher game, use the mouse and save the ball. We have only two lives in game so have to play the game quick and attentively. If the ball goes down then we lose one life. - By Vandenbosch
Collect the most number of points in game by breaking the tiles. Some tiles will provide the power-ups like expansion of pad, Armor and many other important power-ups. Donít miss any thing. - By Sofia
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