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Author koopy [ koopy ]
In this interesting and exciting game you have to control your blob but be careful that donít hit any growing bubbles. Every 10 points you become bigger and making your target simple.
About Game
( movement => mouse) Just using the Mouse to control your blob. Bubble Bust is very challenging game and it has more excitement so hurry-up and play it. Good luck..
Single Mode
Bubble Bust 
Bubble Bust
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user's review for Bubble Bust game
I want to give you some cheat and codes for playing this game. When you are in the green box, donít go outer, if you go, the box size and shape to change and it makes your job tough. - By Raynor
Bubble Bust is a difficult game but I am winner of this game. I have won this amazing game a lot of times. This is a bubble type of game and I always love this kind of games. - By James
This is a little bit pretty cool game. I am very delighted to recommend this fabulous game to all game users. Thank you very much for giving me a special game. - By Daegan
I like its background theme, I like its stunning sound, I like its crazy game concept and I like its all splendid features. Bubble Bust is a breathtaking game. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT GAME. THANKS ONCE AGAIN!!!!! - By Smith
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