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Author gameshut [ gameshut ]
Classic Checkers is the most interesting and appealing puzzler genre game. Here, your main goal is to simply reach at your opponents side by eliminating their checkers. Test your skills as well as abilities in this classic game.
About Game
(movement=> mouse) Keep yourself engaged for long time in this game!! Just use mouse controls to move your checkers..
Single Mode
Classic Checkers 
Classic Checkers
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user's review for Classic Checkers game
Enjoy newly designed Checkers board game with a distinctive and nostalgic style through Classic Checkers!! Put your chess gaming skills and abilities on test in this classic game. Extremely mind-boggling game to play. - By Christopher
Itís a classic version of checkers!! Challenging computer AI opponents or playing with my friends adds real excitement to the addictive gameplay. It brings new twist to the classic online checkers game - By Leon
Classic Checkers is truly innovative and captivating chess genre game to play. One of the all-time favorite games with multi player format! Simply pits your strategic skills with quick thinking. Just one suggestion, think before you move! - By Catherine
Exercise your mind with difficult challenges!! Really simple to play with full focus & concentration. Best way of playing this is to start from easy mode. It caters fun to both casual and hardcore gamers. - By Michael
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