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Author monstergamez [ monstergamez ]
There`s a ghoul in Weasley`s attic that is always banging on pipes and making other noise when he feels that things are getting too quiet. In this game you can challenge the ghoul to a game by making some noise of your own. Each time the ghoul pounds out a pattern, copy his sequence than add an object of your own to the pattern. The only way to quiet the ghoul is to beat him, so you must successfully repeat the growing patterns until he grows tired.
About Game
To play, watch the pattern of the ratted items. When the ghoul is finished, repeat his pattern by clicking the same items with your mouse. Then add one item of your own to the end of the pattern. Repeat until you have either beaten the ghoul (this may take many levels) or made a mistake. Good luck .
Single Mode
Harry Potters Ghoul Attic 
Harry Potters Ghoul Attic
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user's review for Harry Potters Ghoul Attic game
Harry Potters Ghoul Attic is great Harry potter puzzle game. I like the concept of this game very much. In this game you have to challenge the ghoul to for a game by making some noise of your personal. This is the best game. - By Adel
I love the Harry potter very much and I am a big fan of him. I saw his all movie and also played all the Harry potter game and this game is one of my favorite all of them. This is very interesting puzzle Harry potter puzzle game. I love it very much. - By Julia
Harry Potters Ghoul Attic Harry potter puzzle game is fantastic. I am a champion of this game. This is one of the great games in my favorite Harry potter game collection. Good game man. - By Donny
Harry Potters Ghoul Attic is a very good way of improving your memory. I like it. Get playing. This great game is one of the best and most popular puzzle games. I recommend especially this top puzzle game. - By Drishti
Harry Potters Ghoul Attic is a fun game to play. Thatís truly so cool and interesting game for me and also for all of you... I forever play this game in my personal computer system at my home. Really Superb!!!!!!! - By Izayah
Nice and addictive game of HP! The objective is an interesting way to keep us engage for long time. To beat ghost is too much challenging, so from the first moments I try the best to make a great score here. - By Sharat
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Harry Potters Ghoul Attic
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