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Joe & Jack FInd PIN Game Details
Author i-play-game [ i-play-game ]
Joe & Jack: FInd PIN is intelligent puzzle game and you have to help the Joe and Jack through finding the pin-code. When you enter the pin-number that time some numbers are described in same color so guess it and then enter proper number.
About Game
(Fire=> left mouse, movement=> mouse) Click on the empty screen and find the number of pin-code then enter the number in its correct panel and proper color then click the large yellow button for start a rocket..
Single Mode
Joe & Jack FInd PIN 
Joe & Jack FInd PIN
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user's review for Joe & Jack FInd PIN game
What a minded game,,,,,, this is such an intelligent concept with attractive features also. I have played many online games but I have never seen this kind of amazing game before. I never stop to play it. - By Zinchenko
This is best game for everyone as per my view because it is minded puzzle idea to search the pin-code and release the rocket. My friend also likes this game very much and if you try it you can also play it easily. - By Roman
Joe & Jack : FInd PIN is marvelous puzzle game and I am crazy to play it all time and easily find all the codes. I am sure everyone will love and like this flash game. - By Malaret
This is magnificent game because I more play it then I more like it and that manners I have completed whole game in just 2 days. I am totally satisfied through this lovely game with its attractive graphics and background. - By Ruben
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