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Author freegames911 [ freegames911 ]
This is a cool little game that tests your knowledge of the Simpsons. This is a fun game for all simpsons lovers. If you are a fanatic this will most likely be too easy for you. Simply go from question 1 to 15 if you get them all right, you win an imaginary million of euros, how awesome. Good luck!
About Game
Who wants to be a millionaire? Here is a flash game which offers huge cash prizes for correctly answering successive multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty. But in this version all questions are about the Simpsons, just see how many do you know about the Simpsons family and how much money can you win. .
Single Mode
Simpsons Millionaire 
Simpsons Millionaire
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user's review for Simpsons Millionaire game
Simpsons Millionaire is a very pretty Nice Quiz game. I am a huge fan of The Simpsons and I got every question right except the goliath one. This is really very fun. - By Mark
Simpson, he is very great cartoon character and one of my favorite. I like Simpsons Millionaire game very much. This game is very simple game and I bookmarked this game in my favorite game’s list. - By Ken
This is a really good game. in this game questions weren’t too difficult. i am a real big simpsons fan...i beat the game in about 2 mins without using a lifeline. Good job though. - By Mike
Simpsons Millionaire is fun exiting cool and all the good staff. i got stuck on the last one when i remembred watching an episode of the simpons aniversery and it all the simpson fans got to now what the scan was. - By Suad
Simpsons Millionaire is a really cool game. This game rocks!!! I am a very, very, very huge fan of The Simpsons. That very last question's answer was the highest dollars. - By Jake
It is a very exciting, funny and interesting game. I played it first, I won 1 Million. I must remember all that questions!!!!!!!!!! - By Andreas
Simpsons Millionaire is good but i think that it was hard to answer the question about the opening credits. Otherwise great but a bit easy. - By James
Want to be a Millionaire? Start to play wonder game with the Simpsons and gets lots of chance to earn $$$. You just need to knowledge about the simpsons & his life to enjoy it. Have a great time… - By Jerrilynn
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