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Author 2dplay [ 2d Play Games ]
Shoot the asteroids while avoiding collisions with them. Intermittently a flying saucer will appear and attempt to shoot you down with guided missiles. Destroy it or the missiles for more points.
About Game
Another version of asteroids, this one with the keyboard. Looks a lot like the original atari-game..
Single Mode
Asteroids 2 
Asteroids 2
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user's review for Asteroids 2 game
asteroids 2 game yay... better than that other game. This is a really faster and funny and Shooting forward game. - By Andrea
One of the most popular games of the late 70 Asteroids. The most addictive arcade game, ever, is now available here with many improvement for me… - By Becky
I love Asteroids 2 Just like secon version for My n My Friend. This is a great little game for kids and parents alike! A simple concept that works quite well. - By Boyd
This is a newer version of the classic asteroids. Its very pretty challenging game Asteroids is a popular vector-based video arcade game its interesting game. i give it a full rating to this games. - By Bigley
oh ! Man this is really great game to play. This is very inteligent game! To play this game be care full because this game is fast. I like to play this cooooooooool game - By Nichole
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