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Cowboy Shootout Game Details
Author freegamesforyourwebsite [ FreeGamesForYourWebsite ]
You have to be very quick while shooting because the bad guys can pop up from anywhere. Great for fans of western shoot out games. Controls: Controls are very simple, move the mouse pointer over the bad guy and click the left mouse button to shoot. Tips: Shoot anything that moves.
About Game
An old time western shoot out... Yee Haa! Test your reflexes in this great shoot em up game. Saloon Shootout is a cool cowboy saloon shooting game..
Single Mode
Cowboy Shootout 
Cowboy Shootout
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user's review for Cowboy Shootout game
Cowboy Shootout is one of my favorite shooting games. I like the shooting game and this is a greatest of all of them I play this game so much time in a whole day. I love this game. - By Mariano
"This is a really cool online game. The only thing is you need to explain a bit better as to how to play! This game is very good a very nice. This game is lovely and the graphic nice!" - By Marc
This is a great cowboy shooting game. in this game you have to shoot cowboys as fast as possible. This is a nice shooting game. I play this game when I become free. - By Lynn
I am very happy to this game. This is very interesting game. You can play this game very simple but this is very challenging game. I am very enjoying when I play this game. - By Mac
This is very coooooooooooooool game for me. I am fully satisfied with this game. It all things are very fantastic & I like this game very much. I highly preferred this game. - By Clarek
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