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This is a shootout game. it means you aim with your mouse, click to shoot . you can reload and hide as well. But be careful you cannot be hit while hiding but you also cant shoot. You have 15 billets in a clip. Reload your clip when you run out of bullets. You can now take this armor vest with you to provide you some extra protection and its name is noob.
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This is a great shooting game. To play this game you use your mouse to aim, shoot your enemies with the help of mouse left button, use “R” key to reload your weapon and if you want to hide yourself use spacebar. .
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user's review for Doom game
Doom has to been one of my new favorite animations shooting game. There are so many controls in this game that is why this game is hard to play, but very entertaining. I play this game at least 2 times in a day. - By Robin
I am a big fan of doom. The style is well Doom and the music track is an awesome in Doom game. It fits the theme perfectly. Keep up the good work. - By Geoffrey
Man! Doom was awesome. I really liked this game. In this game the hidden thing made it great. This is one of my favorite flash doom game on your site. - By Denise
Wohoo…great mission....the boss enemy is too much powerful and hard to kill them, so from the first moment I have start to kill them and my strategy work here lot. Must give it try man… - By Caroline
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