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Author factorygames [ Teddy Bear Factory Games ]
There are too many rabbits. Farmers have to hunt them because they need to protect the plantations. to play this game you only need the mouse and some keys to play the game. press the backspace key to end the game.
About Game
In this game you shoot as many rabbit as possible. You have mouse to shoot them. Move your mouse curser on rabbit and shoot. Shoot everything rabbit that moves. .
Single Mode
Rabbit Hunting 
Rabbit Hunting
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user's review for Rabbit Hunting game
Rabbit Hunting is online game type of simple shooter action game.But its sure that play and gets points. - By Mona
It was The great, one of the east or west Rabbit Hunting is a best games because this pretty and cooling game - By Jonathan
This is an awesome shooting game. I like to shoot rabbit very much. This is one of my favorite shooting game and I play this game many times in a day. I love this game very much. - By Fred
I like this game very much. I am very enjoying to playing this game. I love this game all things because this is very wonderful game for me. I am very happy to this game & I highly recommended it to every game user. - By Martin
Rabbit Hunting is pretty good but I think you should have a rifle to shoot with and other animals to shoot like deer,bear and wolf. - By Oliver
Rabbit Hunting is so cool !! I shoot the most , more than my older brother and my family goes hunting also! - By Sara
Hunting is my passion and likes to do it whether it is in real life or game! Rabbit Hunting surprisingly gives me huge field to show off my talent as well as sharpen skill. Entertaining! - By Finney
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