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Allow character to run after the sound of gun shot in On Your Marks! game. The time between the gun sound and your character run will be considered as a reaction time. There are three chances with you to make a good reaction time than other and the average time score will be your final score. If the character will run before the gun sound then your attempt will be consider as a foul.
About Game
Play the game by using arrow keys to run your player. Press the arrow key on prefect time to complete the game successfully. .
Single Mode
On Your Marks 
On Your Marks
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user's review for On Your Marks game
Wonderful game!!! I have played this excellent game for many times and enjoyed all the times. It is very challenging game and I really liked this game. I will recommend this game to my friends. - By Sullivan
In On Your Marks! Game, our task is to run the character as early as possible to get the minimum reaction time. Many times I score less reaction time so I am really happy with my performance in the game. - By Jennifer
Play the game carefully because if your character will run before the gun sound then you will lose that attempt. I run way earlier then the gun sound and lost that chance. So play the game attentively. - By Wilson
You have three chances in the game to record minimum reaction time as possible to beat the other players. The average reaction time will be your score so do well in all the three attempts. - By Paul
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