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Avatar is an American epic science fantasy film released in the year 2009 which is written & directed by James Cameron. Avatar is an ambitious story that is set in the mid-22nd century. This era is when the humans are searching for a precious mineral called Unobtanium on Pandora. Experience playing with various Avatar characters such as Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Joel David Moore, Giovanni Ribisi and many others through these online Avatar games. Avatar, the most wonderfully animated film has provided its millions of viewers a great entertainment with 3D dynamic visuals. Bring an amazing life filled with complete adventure of tricks, magic and surprises with best online games. Get more entertainment by playing some other games at Alien Games.

Avatar movie  Avatar movie
Avatar Puzzle  Avatar Puzzle
Avatar Game  Avatar Game
Astro Attack  Astro Attack
Avatar Arena  Avatar Arena
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user's review for Avatar Games
I have played one game that was based on the world famous movie Avatar. It was the best game for me and I have not played a game with such a high graphics.
Avatar Arena is the latest game that I have played and it was great experience for me because I played this game without watching a movie. My friend suggested me this game so I am very thankful to him.
Many games are available related to Avatar movie that gives lots of entertainment also. I always play games related to Avatar because I loved the movie a lot.
I saw the Avatar movie and it was superb and when I played some games connected with it I had enjoyed it very much. You can also try out such games.
Recently I played some game of Avatar movie where we have to arrange the pieces of it and make correct pictures. There are many jigsaw games of AvatarÖ Check it out.
The Avatar movie has been released just before few months and I played many action games of it in last few weeks. These games have made me very addictive to play frequently.
I played the games of Avatar movie and now I donít like to play other games. So I started to make the vast collection of game to play it whenever I want to play.
I played the games of Avatar movie and now i do not like to play other games.so i started to make the vast collection of game to play it whenever i want to play
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Avatar Games
Avatar Games
Avatar Games
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