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Johnny test is an incredible and amazing American/Canadian animated television series. Join the real adventure of the titular character in this epic series. Johnny Test, 11-year-old suburban boy who lives with his 13-year-old scientist twin sisters named Mary & Susan in town of Porkbelly. Frequently, he plays test subject for his twin sisters' various experiments & inventions. With the help of his superpowers & gadgets, he can easily tackle miscellaneous sticky situations & exploiting occasional problems. Here, your main objective is to simply assist Johnny to achieve his goal by removing all barriers. Johnny is considered as a very stubborn and spoiled, as he gets what he wants through manipulation, deceit & blackmail. Keep yourself hooked with unbelievable adventures and inventive experiments in the exquisite range of Johnny Test games. Take pleasure of his courageous escapades as well as funniest creations. Find out great and unique games such as Johnny Bravo!!

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user's review for Johnny Test Games
Johnny Test is my hot favorite group, from all the online flash games. When I was in tour I had played all most all the games of this group. Here in these games whole concept is different that one another.
What fantastic group Johnny Test!!!!!!!! Day before yesterday I had played five games of this Johnny Test group. Such s nice characters are there in the all the games of this group. I really enjoy a lot when I play Johnny Test group of games.
My friend suggests me to play Johnny test group of games. All the games are very exciting in this group. In some games we have to use our mind to score high. Very interesting games are coming now a day in this group.
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a nice Johnny Test group of games. Very attractive screen shot and sound effects I found these games. Some games are very knowledgeable and some games are very funny type. WONDERFUL GAMES!!!!
I am big Fan Johnny Test group of games. My all the friends are crazy to play all these games. Even the character is same “Johnny” but in each game we see him in different look. I love this character.
Last night I had played six games of Johnny Test group. Very funny games I found in this group. I am very excited to play these challenging games. In this group you find unique games. BABY YOU ENJOY A LOT!!!!!
Hey friends!!!!!!! Without any doubt I like to advice to all the viewers Johnny Test is one of the best group of games. I am mad to play these games. My memory power is increase when I play these games.
First I play one game of Johnny Test group, than I was so much impress from one game I play four games more of Johnny Test group. Now a days I play always 4 to 5 games of Johnny Test group.
I love this game ,first i played almost all the games in this game collection then I said what does this mean i clicked on Johny Test games and there it was waiting for and I loved it.
i watched johny test every day,when i first played and watched it it was amazing!!!!!!!!! and my name is Jay'von and i am 8years old. dookie is a amazing talking dog i wander how Susaine,Marie made him talk i wish i was on the show and Susaine,Marie experimented on me
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Johnny Test Games
Johnny Test Games
Johnny Test Games
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