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Tarzan is an archetypal feral child, a fictional character raised in the African jungles. Feel the realism of swinging through the jungles, eating bananas, playing with monkeys and collecting jewels with these unique Tarzan adventure games. Here Tarzan's tribe of apes is known as the Mangani, species unknown to science. His jungle childhood gives him powerful abilities than those of ordinary humans. Begin your exciting journey of Jungle and play with one of the best-known & adorable Jungle King literary characters in the world. Make use of his unique capabilities & skills such as climbing, clinging and leaping in order to brazen out all the perils of Jungle that's come in the way. Try your best to become the champ like the super hero of Jungle.

Tarzan  Tarzan
Tarzan Jigsaw  Tarzan Jigsaw
Tarzan 2  Tarzan 2
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user's review for Tarzan Games
Tarzan is best of the best game collection from my all favorite games!! It's an awesome games and i am completely mad for playing this games.. This is a very unbelievable game with stunning stunt!!
I have been playing the games of this collection for last 4 years when I was 11 years old and now I am 15 years old but I still like this type of all games.
Wow what a game of < Tarzan>. If u want 2 play real flash game with more excitement, you should play these games. Those will be superlative game for you in my view! It is a decent game collection to all.
I just wanted to say thank you very much to my parents who permitted me that you can play the whole day games on Sunday. I look forward to every Sunday that when come and I get lots of fun for playing Tarzan games.
Tarzan is GREAT character and i also like and love its tree surfing, brawling and it is a super hero of Jungle!!!! I have a personal laptop and whenever I go to vacation I always play games. The all games of this collection give us a lot of adventure and lots of happiness.
Consider me that I more play those games and I more like those games. Tarzan games are very fast, very pleasurable and very aggressive. It is much, much better than flash games from all free online flash games..
Really we get everything from Tarzan games which we ever want from all games. I am a big fan of this kind of all games because there are very awesome games. Its all games provide stunning graphics, extremely lively environments and marvelous sound effects.
I really like to play Tarzan Games because its very adventure and wonderful. I like it a LOT! Thanks a LOT!
This is one of the best games i have played and we must make tarzan jungle jump it even more exiting and make the time a bit more longer.
I like the game tarzan jungle jump and you have also other useful and good features. I love graphics and everything is perfect. I always play it.
Tarzan playing games is one of my favorites since childhood, I love jungle scenery but mostly I like it a survival game, I like the jungle must confront obstacles to pass to another nivel.intr a word, I love playing Tarzan
These r the best games that I had played ever.Congratulations for the team worked behind it.May God help u to publish more & more games. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm always playing Tarzan games let me tell you that when i had Disney cine on TV i watched it and watched it but when my Disney cine ran out i was quite sad but ever since i can play games about it and make my made up dreams i feel ever so happy now!
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Tarzan Games
Tarzan Games
Tarzan Games
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