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Get ready to play with a list of Naruto Games that are based on the popular manga and anime series. The challenging gameplay tells the story about an adolescent ninja named Naruto Uzumaki who has Nine-Tailed Demon Fox conserved within him and continuously looking for recognition. He always desires to become the ninja, Hokage in his village that is recognized as leader and powerful in all. Naruto is a member of Team 7 that consists of Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke with Kakashi. Experience an addictive ongoing Japanese manga series which is completely based on a one-shot comic. Play with your favorite amazing Naruto character that has many skills. Challenge your abilities, skills and reflexes with the best collection of Naruto Games at 1888 Free Online Games. Take a moment to check out the Naruto games for free as well as other Avatar Games and Zombie Games.

Naruto Games Dodge  Naruto Games Dodge
Naruto Girls Dress-up  Naruto Girls Dress-up
Naruto Meatball Tank  Naruto Meatball Tank
Somali pirates  Somali pirates
uNinja  uNinja
Naruto Ramen Defender  Naruto Ramen Defender
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Naruto: Rise of a Ninja: Prima Official eGuide

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm: Prima Official eGuide

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2: Prima Official eGuide
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Naruto Match 2  Naruto Match 2
Naruto Puzz  Naruto Puzz
Pain vs Naruto  Pain vs Naruto
Naruto Fire  Naruto Fire
Farm Mania 2  Farm Mania 2
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user's review for Naruto Games
In the Naruto games all the concept are different from each other in the whole group.My friend suggests me to play these games. I spend my whole day in these Naruto games. These all are best games!!!!
Hey friends what I said about these group of games. Naruto is excellence group of games. My favorite group is only this in all kind of games. All the stages are different in these games of Naruto Group.
In Naruto Group all the games are fantastic. If I tell you all the detail of these games, then you can’t find interesting. All the games in this group are interesting. Played it carefully all the games in this group.
Hey buddy!!!! What‘s up. These all games are wonderful in these groups. All the games are in this Naruto group is easy to play. Here in the Naruto group there are also girl and boys games.
Naruto games!!!!! What I tell about them. These games are very enjoyable and exciting to play. See if you play it than you know more about all the game. Well best of luck to play all the games in the Naruto group.
Hey babe!!!! What an eye-catching these games in the Naruto group. Different concepts are there in the each and every games of Naruto group. You like all the games in this group. Make it clear all the instruction in the games.
These games in the Naruto group are very electrifying. Stunning stages are coming in the all the games of Naruto games. I played all the games till late night. My uncle is also playing so what games in this group.
I highly prefer only Naruto group games. Now days all the games in this group of Naruto are new. Now I try new games in the Naruto group. I spend my times by playing these games in the Naruto group.
Hi everyone, and each other of pupils... The game is so cool! I never try before these cool games... SO GOOD LUCK! I highly suggested these games to all my contacts, friends, and relatives.
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Naruto Games
Naruto Games
Naruto Games
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