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A sniper is a 'marksman' who shoots on the targets from hidden places or from distances more than the aptitude of any regular personnel. Snipers are those persons who are provided with some specialized training and different high-precision rifles. Designed basically for shooter and hunters, Sniper Games offers hours and hours of game-play with fascinating fun and frolic! Sniper Games includes various missions to explore with interesting adventure, unique skills, high points scores. Feel the Modern Warfare and play with hiding techniques and some special Counter-sniper tactics. Keep yourself engaged for a long period of time in our few others related games groups such as Hunting Gamesand Target Shooting Games. Sniper online games are those games that provide a very definite experience of shooting and hunting.

Night Vision Sniper  Night Vision Sniper
Sniper 3  Sniper 3
The Sniper  The Sniper
Peter Paranormal  Peter Paranormal
Sniper-Assassin  Sniper-Assassin
Snipe Me  Snipe Me
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Sniper  Sniper
Sniper Hero  Sniper Hero
Panda - Tactical Sniper  Panda - Tactical Sniper
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user's review for Sniper Games
Sniper group is my most favorite group and here describe all the shooting games very nicely. I can obtain here my all choice games because it has big collection of shooting games. I have never stopped playing its games.
I have got a lot of shooting games and hand to hand struggle and even Sniper group displayed in this group of games. In some games give the limited times for its target and it is really good factor because I can update my skill and mind.
Always I have follow good suggestion and play only those games which teach me something new and extra and Sniper groupís all games are same like as because here in shooting games I can learn concentrate and time management. This is my first preference group.
The background performed in this group is totally eye-catching and 3Danimated characters of this group are attractive. The sound of shooting is exciting to play the games. These things are attract me and I got out of this group.
Hey buddy!!!!!! I am stunned through itís all the games through its screen shots which are shown at online first time and I was surprised. Then I have to decide to play its all games and now mostly I have completed its all games.
I am crazy to play shooting games then I knew about the Sniper group flash games and I just tried it and really I was impressed through its games. Now I am winner of its all shooting games.
In some games of Sniper category is really very intelligent and I like all games but my high proffered game is its shipping games which is play in space. I felt that I doing war on the real space through its incredible background effect.
I am fully satisfied with this group and I have listed many games on my favorite game list. Really all the games are rocking and made me crazy to play all times. I am very pleased to play its all games.
I like sniping game because it always makes me want to play. The setting performed in this group is totally noticeable & 3D animated characters of this great group are good-looking.
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Sniper Games
Sniper Games
Sniper Games
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