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Rocket is a spacecraft, missile, aircraft or other vehicle which obtains power from a rocket engine. Here, your objective is to collect as many different items as you can while flying. You just need to simply guide your own rocket to portal in the space physics puzzle game. Rockets are used for weaponry, fireworks, space exploration and human spaceflight. Target your each & every enemy and shoot all of them. Explore around the entire galaxy and take a pleasure of fast-paced & realistic actions!! Feel the realism of playing in the real space with its polished and 3D graphics. Also take a moment to check out other action-packed games including Target Shooting Games.

Little Rocketman  Little Rocketman
Pig On The Rocket  Pig On The Rocket
Rocket Rescue  Rocket Rescue
Rocket Rally  Rocket Rally
Rocket Bike  Rocket Bike
Rocket Weasel  Rocket Weasel
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Space Rocket  Space Rocket
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Particle Blast  Particle Blast
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Doodle Ramps  Doodle Ramps
Learn to Fly 2  Learn to Fly 2
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user's review for Rocket Games
“Rocket” is a good group of games for me and those who like these types of online rocket games. I hope you will get more enjoyment to tease your motivation to work out. I got really pleased by this group when I played this unique group of rocket game.
In few games of this group I have got chance to ignite my adventure through rocket games. I get great amount of happiness to play rocket games. This group games provides great satisfaction and energizing concept.
Rocket games has made me crazy to play frequently whenever I sit in front of computers and many types of games appear in the screen but I prefer rocket games because this group of games throw charming events of rockets that is really admirable.
Rocket group generates exciting phenomena to attract player in playing this group of games. I have got charmed to go through the games of rocket. I always choose first this group of games I feel excited to complete all levels of this group.
Whenever I fly with rocket I just become zealous to go through this group of games. The 3D animation utilized in this game is fabulously stunning and that’s why I wish to download all games of rocket, this group stimulates me to get picked up.
This group gives even a lot of rocket racing games, which are highly desirable among young guys I being a great fan of rocket I get beyond this world while I play the games of rocket, these games take me in the air and gives me big pleasure.
Rocket group of games must be played by every online game playing guy, I cordially give suggestion to play Rocket games, and this group of games are praise-worthy. The rocket games should not be missed to play.
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Rocket Games
Rocket Games
Rocket Games
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