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Metal slug is a fast paced two-player action run and gun game which is known for its sense of humor and fluid hand-drawn animation. Here, your main objective is to simply shoot continual stream of enemies to reach at the end of the level. Also confront a boss at end of the stage who takes many shots to defeat. The player will find out some weapons upgrades and "Metal Slug" tanks along their way which can be used as weapons and defense. Utilize knife and/or kicking in order to perform various melee attacks. Prepare yourself to play with variety of mechanized enemies such as tanks, aircraft, mobile artillery, technicals and armored personnel carriers. You must have to free prisoners of war in order to receive bonuses in form of weapons or items at the end of each level. Play in different engaging themes like garrisoned cities, forests, canyons, snowy mountain valleys and military bases. Take a look to check other action-packed games including Mortal Combat Games!

Metal Slug Stick  Metal Slug Stick
Metal Slug Kill The Nazis  Metal Slug Kill The Nazis
Metal Slug Rampage  Metal Slug Rampage
Metal Slug Rampage 2  Metal Slug Rampage 2
Metal Slug Rampage 3  Metal Slug Rampage 3
Metal Farm  Metal Farm
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I love all the action and adventure games and Metal Slug group is really good for playing all this type of games. It’s all the games are very interesting and full of adventure. Everyday I play its one by one game with my brother.
Metal Slug group is a mix of action, adventure, and shooting category and here you can get this all things. I was stunned when I have played its games first time. I am big fan of its all games.
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It is very intelligent group and here you can obtain your favorite categories games as well as you can learn something good from its some extraordinary games. I play these games at least 3 times in a week.
Wooooow… What a, what a game. I am completely amazed when I played its all games first time of my friend’s home. Here I can play with guns, weapons, and other good characters. Its all games are very exclusive and I recently play with my friends.
Metal Slug is big group of all categories games. Its all games are very fast and accurate and I am huge fan of all those. If you ask me about its any games I tell you all the information without any hesitation. BEST OF THE BEST,,,,,,,,
You can get everything that you want ever wanted this is big fact of “Metal Slug” group because it is all the way superb and you get all the best games with mind-blowing and incredible concept.
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Metal Slug Games
Metal Slug Games
Metal Slug Games
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