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Car Racing is also widely recognized as automobile racing, motor racing or auto racing. This is one of the most interesting motor-sport that involves competition against variety of modern as well as hi-tech cars. Car Racing is one of the world's most broadcasted sports event that is been watched by millions of people all over. The Car Racing events were commenced soon after the first successful gasoline-fueled automobiles. Compete with other AI players in the game and experience amazing stunts performed to win the races. Car Racing Games will make you go crazy by some of its fantastic fast driving skills and strategies. Go around various racing tracks such as street, mountains, race course and many others to experience real-time racing effects. Get some entertaining & similar group of racing games such as Monster Truck Games, Bike Gamesand lots more.

4x4 Rally  4x4 Rally
Mini Nitros  Mini Nitros
Racer  Racer
Rural Racer  Rural Racer
Park-a-lot 2  Park-a-lot 2
Great Race  Great Race
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Midnight Club II
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Ultimate Racing  Ultimate Racing
Toy Cars  Toy Cars
Nitro Trabi  Nitro Trabi
VS Racing  VS Racing
GH Racer  GH Racer
Around The Streets  Around The Streets
City Racers 2  City Racers 2
Drunken Nicole  Drunken Nicole
Extreme Racing 2  Extreme Racing 2
Road Attack  Road Attack
Thump  Thump
Foofa Race 2  Foofa Race 2
Desert Rally  Desert Rally
Drive  Drive
Crazy Taxi  Crazy Taxi
Desert Race  Desert Race
Battle Kartz  Battle Kartz
Rocket Racers  Rocket Racers
Speeding Wheels  Speeding Wheels
HighWay Speeding  HighWay Speeding
Need For Extreme Online  Need For Extreme Online
Fun Racing  Fun Racing
Bumper Car Madness  Bumper Car Madness
SpaceRace  SpaceRace
Hovercraft Racing  Hovercraft Racing
Car Race on a Crooked Road  Car Race on a Crooked Road
Hippy Racing  Hippy Racing
MiniCar Racing  MiniCar Racing
Car Race Champ  Car Race Champ
ProRacing  ProRacing
Snow Drift Racing  Snow Drift Racing
FrenzyDrive  FrenzyDrive
The Highway Chase  The Highway Chase
Dirt Drift Racing  Dirt Drift Racing
Urban Drift  Urban Drift
Taxi Rush  Taxi Rush
BobiBobi Rider  BobiBobi Rider
JumpinRide  JumpinRide
FG Racer  FG Racer
Drag Race Demon 2  Drag Race Demon 2
Car Run  Car Run
Tune and Race Convertible Supercar  Tune and Race Convertible Supercar
Kamikaze Race  Kamikaze Race
SprintRace3D  SprintRace3D
Aoyama And Furious  Aoyama And Furious
Yellow Car Game  Yellow Car Game
Pro Rally 2009  Pro Rally 2009
F2 Race  F2 Race
Trolley Dodge  Trolley Dodge
Tiger Woods Car Crash  Tiger Woods Car Crash
Car-lot Chasers v2  Car-lot Chasers v2
Trailer Parking Deluxe  Trailer Parking Deluxe
3D Car Racing Deluxe  3D Car Racing Deluxe
CarRace  CarRace
Afterburner Highway  Afterburner Highway
RC Simulator  RC Simulator
Racing Point  Racing Point
velocity Game  velocity Game
High Speed Chase 2  High Speed Chase 2
RushRoad  RushRoad
Furious Cars  Furious Cars
overdrive  overdrive
SlidingCars  SlidingCars
Hypervelocity Racer  Hypervelocity Racer
Racer mania  Racer mania
Retro Rally  Retro Rally
GTracer  GTracer
Mini Racing  Mini Racing
Speed Busters  Speed Busters
Jumpin Ride  Jumpin Ride
Crazy Rider  Crazy Rider
Formula 1  Formula 1
Dont Crash  Dont Crash
Drift Rally Snow  Drift Rally Snow
Camera Rage  Camera Rage
Jeep Racer  Jeep Racer
Alp Truck  Alp Truck
Mountain Racer 3D  Mountain Racer 3D
Mad Racer  Mad Racer
3D Buggy Racing  3D Buggy Racing
Runaway Racers  Runaway Racers
Speed Trucks  Speed Trucks
KidsRacing  KidsRacing
SuperCar  SuperCar
Drift Racer  Drift Racer
F1 Races  F1 Races
Arcade Race Extreme  Arcade Race Extreme
Ferrari Course  Ferrari Course
Super Street Racer  Super Street Racer
Smiley Chaser  Smiley Chaser
Off road Challenge  Off road Challenge
Formula Racer  Formula Racer
3D Car Racing Game  3D Car Racing Game
Annihilator  Annihilator
Cool Racing 2  Cool Racing 2
Space Drifting  Space Drifting
Gngster Take Down  Gngster Take Down
Extreme Racer  Extreme Racer
R1  R1
Wild TaXi  Wild TaXi
Quick Race 3  Quick Race 3
Australia Racing  Australia Racing
Simple Racer BETA  Simple Racer BETA
Classic Cup  Classic Cup
Clutch Burn  Clutch Burn
Primitive Parking  Primitive Parking
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user's review for Car Racing Games
Car Racing is my much loved group and I like it’s all the games which is very attractive and full of adventure and race. Here we find different challenging race games. I have played these games several times and whenever I have played it likes me more and more.
Hey dud….. You can perform well in this game. I am really very happy with its work; especially the concept of all games is magical. I have never forgotten to play it and recommend it.
I would like to Thanks the game makers with bottom my heart. Yes it’s true that this is remarkable group. There is no comparison of any games here. It’s my first preference group and I also recommend everyone for this outstanding racing group.
Woooow!!!!!! I like race so I have chosen this game and I am very pleased through it’s all the games. I feel that I have something extra than other persons. Here I can get all the racing experience like in desert, highways, jungles, and more. Excellent ……
I am totally mad to play racing games but I like car so I want to car racing games then my friend suggest me about this group and I tried it at online and I am very pleased through its all the games. I would like to thanks to my friend.
Racing game, I am a so much crazy about racing games and in this group I can get all types of fantastic racing game. I won this game many times. This is really a great group of racing games.
I am 25 years old and I want to something about car racing group. My son is only 8 years and he all times plays the racing games and forgets all other things. I am also attracting the racing games when I have shown this group games first time. Sometimes I also play these games with him.
For cars I always passionate!!!!!!! I exceedingly favor car games, mostly in the collection of free car racing; I find there is unique concept…. I always get challenge within my self when I start to play all games in it.
Remarkable bulk of games I get in the Car Racing. Rocking sound, newly ideas and exceptional trophies in each and every game I find in it. Play it buddy you remember every time when U play Car Racing collection!!!
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Car Racing Games
Car Racing Games
Car Racing Games
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