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Cannibal bunnies easter iPad Game - iPad Game Review & Download

Details of Cannibal Bunnies EASTER
Category: Arcade
Publisher: Creative Drops Studios
Version: 1.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Release Date: 2011-03-28
File Size: 65.9 MB
System Requirements
  • Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
  • English
Customer Rating
Age Rating: 9+
About Cannibal Bunnies EASTER
  • Although the snow is still covering the cold country of your pink pals, it is now Easter in Bunnyland. Cannibal bunnies are back with a new arsenal to get rid of the cute, charming and lovable population of pink bunnies.

    Red bunnies are stronger than before. They are now equipped with snowball cannons and can shoot your pink friends from a distant location. If you care for them you must come to their rescue. Red bunnies have also installed high-tech machines with cranks to move the cages on cables. They will try everything they can to achieve their goal.

    The snow has not completely melted and balloon mushrooms are already growing in Bunnyland. Pink bunnies love these sweet mushrooms, specially the effect it makes on them.

    Discover the new Easter world which also includes many objects from the original game levels. The destiny of the pink bunnies is in your hands. They desperately need your help to survive.

    This Easter game contains 20 levels with beautiful graphics and a top musical score. For this special occasion, you can also earn chocolate cannibal bunnies medals.

    If you already own the original Cannibal Bunnies game, please note that this Easter world has been included in the 1.4 update of the game.

    The game can be played in full zoom-in scale or in two zoom-out scales. Each scale provides a different entertainment and challenge. When playing in a zoom-out scale, zooming in or out is permitted while playing. Cages will glow when a bunny is properly positioned to enter a cage. Automatic scrolling will occur if you hold a bunny and reach the screen boundary.

    If you find a level too difficult, just change the game player style and you will get help to pass the level. The selected player style affects the player’s overall rating displayed in the inventory.

    Pace is too fast? More difficult than expected? The game includes 4 difficulty settings: HARD, NORMAL, CAUTIOUS, and EASY. This sets the pace of the bunnies and determines when the red devils will kick off.


    Please see our original game Cannibal Bunnies for the reviewers comments.
Cannibal Bunnies EASTER Game Screenshots:
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