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Dnd sheets iPad Game - iPad Game Review & Download

Details of DnD Sheets
Category: Role Playing
Publisher: Jean-Francois Leblanc
Version: 1.4
Release Date: 2011-03-29
File Size: 3.6 MB
System Requirements
  • Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

  • English
Customer Rating | iTune Rating

Age Rating: 4+
About DnD Sheets
  • App Activity
    Jul 11 '12
    1.4 Version
    Nov 14 '11
    1.3 Version
    Aug 19 '11
    1.2 Version
    Mar 29 '11
    V1.0, $2.99

    DnD Sheets app is a digital character sheet for winning Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition role-playing game. It carries an unlimited number of characters with you anywhere. The automatic recalculation of numeric variables helps you to speed up gameplay & level plus reduce the risk of forgetting to update a value. Its quick roll is ideal for saves, skill checks, grapple checks and initiative. Simply tap onto blue number and a roll is made automatically for you. Player can equip or un-equip the armors and shields with simple tap of button. DnD Sheets features the calculation of character load automatically along with visual indicators when the load level is exceeded.

    With simple tap of a button, they can move inventory items between character and storage. This application supports multi-class characters with up to 4 classes. There is a Notes Page to enter any information about the current quests, campaign, NPCs & many more. It contains easy to use interface with intuitive lists. The interface is divided into several pages such as Divine Magic, Features/Feats, Equipment, Inventory, etc.

DnD Sheets Game Screenshots:
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What's New:
  • Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. I havent had enough time to complete every changes and features I promised but enjoy this update while I keep on improving the app.
  • == Version 1.4 ==
  • - Fixed a problem preventing to view weapon details in the library.
  • - Fixed a display problem in landscape orientation with iOS 5.1.
  • - Moved carrying capacity to the bottom of the inventory page.
  • - Changed race field placeholder text from Select a race to Enter character race until race library is implemented.
  • - Added spell resistance damage reduction and other protections to the general page.
  • - Added a security backup feature. After any successful save a backup save of the character is created. This will reduce the risk of corrupting a character file if a crash occurs. The file is accessible through iTunes file sharing.
  • - Added a misc field for psionic points per day to put bonus points given by an object.
  • - Added quick roll to weapon damage. Recognizes double weapons such as staves and two-bladed swords which can have two different attacks on each end.
  • - Fixed a bug where CMD misc modifier was loaded with CMB misc modifier instead.
  • - Added character protrait which can be loaded from the iPads photo library or from the camera.
  • - Added the possibility to have multiple notes pages.
  • - Added the possibility to add an image to each note page taken from the iPads photo library or from the camera.
  • - Added internet links support to the notes page. When the keyboard is dismissed the page now becomes read only and auto detects internet addresses in the text. A button has been added to enable editing of the text which also disables links detection.
Main Features:
  • Integrated dice buttons for ‘on the fly' games
  • The armor class updates instantly
  • Auto save feature to save your character
  • Simple character cloning
  • Clean sheet for constant writing and erasing
  • Save money in the long run
  • Customer Reviews
  • Make your Dunge...! by Connie
  • Make your Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition easier with DnD Sheets… Helpful features of this app are quick roll, notes page and clean sheet. Intuitive user interface to easily navigate between all pages. Really cool app!!!