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Download Anime Bowling Babes Game Free by Glimmer Games

1888 Free online Games » Sports Games » Anime Bowling Babes
3d bowling game with gorgeous babes and realistic physics.
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OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me Memory: 64 MB DirectX: 7.0 Display: 3D Video Card CPU: P300

Anime Bowling Babes Detail  
Glimmer Games
You have to do bowling against six beautiful babes to pick up bowling ball. Excellence feature you find in this games. There are some characters, animation, fully motion captured which is realistic physics and numerous of alleys you find in this game. You have to use your skill to win this game. Innumerous oversize balls, oversize pins, Miniballs, and lots of more things you find in the game.
user's review for Anime Bowling Babes game
Lots of excitements I get in this game, when I play Anime Bowling Babes game. I had played this game almost 15 times with my friends. My all friends and I are crazy to play this game with thrilling levels. Try it babes!!!!!!!! - By Detra
This is very cooooooooooooooool game……….I never feel bore when I play this game. Last night when I get some free time I had play this game. Amazing levels are coming one after another. Rocking game in sport’s category this is. - By Williams
I am very much excited when I play this game. My uncle gave me this Anime Bowling Babes in full version to me. Its pleasant music and beautiful girls, I like it. I really enjoy this game. Sometime my dad also plays this game. - By Tinnycua Williams
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Anime Bowling Babes……… Is my hot favorite game. Those who like Bowling game they like this game. With its easy control anyone can play this game. My sister and I do competition in this game. - By Duncan
My friends are crazy to play this game. Anime Bowling Babes is highly demanding in the market now days in the market. Very challenging this is. I am big fan of this game, if you want to win this game, then use your skill easily you win this game. - By Brent
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