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Download DDD Pool Game Free by Paprikari

1888 Free online Games » Sports Games » DDD Pool
Cutting-edge 3D graphics and easy to play!
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OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me Memory: 64MB DirectX: 8.0 Display: 16MB 3D Video Card CPU: 400Mhz

DDD Pool Detail  
DDD pool is the sport game, with beautiful graphics, and realistic physic game. Within an hour you can get lots of fun. You have to do practices and be a master in this game. Further you can play this in 8 ball and in 9-pool. This game you can play it with your friend other wise computer opponent. There are also two challenging modes which you have to play against clock. Win this game and enter hi score. You find three rooms to play.
user's review for DDD Pool game
Wow!!!!! What a nice game in sport category. I am very excited when I play this game. Such exciting modes are coming in the each and every mode. It’s a very beautiful game in all the downloadable game. - By Marc
This is very fabulous game!!!!! DDD pool downloadable game is very extraordinary game. My friends are very crazy to play this game. Very challenging rounds are coming one after another. I always win in the pool game, to beat my friend. - By Sommermeyer
My father gives me this game gifts in my last birthday…wonderful levels are coming with pleasant sound. Sometime my uncles and father also play this game on Sunday. It’s a nice thing that we can also play this game with one person more, or with computer. - By Andy
What an extraordinary game this is!!!! With full of concentration we can play then definitely we can win this game. There are 9 pools and 8 balls, in each pool. There is also one clock round in the game. - By Pires
My mind is fresh when I play this outstanding game. DDD pool one of my hot favorite games in the downloadable games. If I have time in night, then definitely I play this game with my little brother. - By Adel
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