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Download Digi Pool Game Free by Arcade Lab

1888 Free online Games » Sports Games » Digi Pool
A cross between billiards and mini golf.
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OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me DirectX: 3 CPU: 200Mhz

Digi Pool Detail  
Arcade Lab
In Digi pool you have to play a cross billiards, also mini golf and there is also arcade puzzle game. There is some color ball which is run into each other. You have to keep an eye on target and there is also some epical items like fan, magnet that also keep in calculation.
user's review for Digi Pool game
Wow!!!! What a beautiful game this is!!!! My friends and me to-gather play this game…Lots of excitement I found in the sport game. I never feel tiresome in this Digi pool downloadable game. It’s a rocking game guy… - By Patti Hil
Lots of interesting game is coming now days…. In the sport category, and Digi pool is the fantastic game. I spend half an hour to play this billiards game. My father also spend sometime to play this game. - By Heier
All the friends are very crazy to play this game. There are very interesting mode are coming while playing this game. I had played both the version of the game. I love to play pool game and that’s why I buy this game in full version. - By Kathleen
My sister give me gift this game, I highly play this game, in the downloadable game. I definitely suggest to my all friend those who like to play pool sport game. This is very interesting game, with fabulous features. - By Daoust
What I tell about this game… When I played this game 1st time, I was surprise, with such an easy control. There is pleasant sound is coming in all the levels of the game. Especially I bought this game in full version. - By Tanny
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