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Download Elf Bowling Holiday Bundle Game Free by Mumbo Jumbo

1888 Free online Games » Sports Games » Elf Bowling Holiday Bundle
The elves have a present for you...two games in one!
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OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista Memory: 256 MB CPU: P 1.0GHz

Elf Bowling Holiday Bundle Detail  
Mumbo Jumbo
Elf Bowling Holiday Bundle contains two fantastic games in one package. Enjoy wild adventure in The Last Insult with a hilarious trip to Hawaiian Vacation. In both games you have a fun of bowling where the elves will be the pins. You will have limit less insults and mix colored commentary. This is the chance of having fun with the season of bowling through Elf Bowling Holiday Bundle.
user's review for Elf Bowling Holiday Bundle game
When I heard that two interesting games bundled in one package, I instantly downloaded it. I found that both games were very entertaining and enjoyable enough. - By David
As I am a good player of bowling, when I knew about this game I got it. I daily play both games alternately and try to make good score in each. Really fantastic games!! - By Chandler
After playing both games so many times now I more prefer Hawaiian Vacation as compare to The Last Insult. The visual graphics is very pleasing and nice to see. - By Bette
I saw these games first time at my friendís home. Since then I was so eager to play those games. I downloaded the bundle of these games on my computer and now play them daily. - By Daoust
Simply an outstanding game! This is a perfect game package for the gamers who love bowling games. So try these games and fall in love with them. An exceptional game!! - By Grata
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