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Download Off Road Arena Game Free by KatGames

1888 Free online Games » Racing Games » Off Road Arena
This is one awesome off-road racer that's just plain fun to drive!
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OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me Memory: 32 MB DirectX: 6.1 CPU: P 200

Off Road Arena Detail  
Looking for an awesome arcade-style off-road racer that is just plain fun to drive? Then put the pedal to the metal as you mix one part burnin' speed, 2 parts dirt and mud, and 3 parts adrenaline for the most exhilarating indoor racer that you have ever seen! This game has a split-screen option for 2 simultaneous players and up to 6 players on LAN. With professionally designed tracks and two distinct game play modes, you will want to jump in the driver's seat and push it to the extreme!
user's review for Off Road Arena game
“Off Road Arena” is an awesome game of off-road racer. While playing this sensational game I have got floods of fun to drive. This game has a split-screen option for 2 simultaneous players and up to 6 players on LAN with professionally designed track. - By Nina
I have played this game 3 days ago and still playing with the same eagerness as I played it first time. That’s really very attention-catching & simple game. It is amusement sparkling game. I have gone through all modes of it. It’s immeasurably challenging game. I just have got awestruck by playing “Off Road Arena” game. - By Denny
“Off Road Arena” game has unbelievable features. This is an unpredictably racing game and also still excited for me. I have rated it 10 out of 10. This is one kind of inspirational game. This game is very amusing and challenging. I propose this game to my classmates to play it. - By Zapala
I had played this game several times. I got greatly elated to go through the entire background through this game. This game has really spectacular levels. When I play “Off Road Arena” game I just go down in it. I promise that this is worth-playing game.s - By Mark
This game gives lots of happiness. I fervently like to recommend especially “Off Road Arena” to all the game players and my friends to play. I am very passionate to play this game. This game is very astonishing and compelling. This game should be played at least once, and other game will be washed out from the mind of players. - By Burkel
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