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Download Rack 'Em Up Roadtrip Game Free by Oberon Media

1888 Free online Games » Sports Games » Rack 'Em Up Roadtrip
Pool for the masses and masters alike!
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OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP Memory: 64 MB DirectX: 8.1 or later CPU: P3 500

Rack 'Em Up Roadtrip Detail  
Oberon Media
Rack 'Em Up Roadtrip is a pool type of game, which you ever play before in the downloadable games. You have to play with 9 balls in the 6 different billiards games. This game is also you can play against friends or test your skill and play this game in the different tournaments. Target your aim and take correct table and push the ball to take your advantage to bit the cast of character which is waiting for this challenge. You have to earn trophies and awards to win. This is master of game Rack 'Em Up Roadtrip.
user's review for Rack 'Em Up Roadtrip game
Itís a very beautiful pool game!!! In the sport category this downloadable game is my hot favorite game. My all school friends are crazy to play this game. Last night I had done brilliant score in Rack 'Em Up Roadtrip. - By Dan
My sister bought Rack 'Em Up Roadtrip game for me. Itís an ideal game for those player who like sports. I am mad after this game. This downloadable game has totally different concept then other game. ENJOY IT!!!!!!!! - By Toni
What an interesting game, in the sports category. Those player like to play sports they definitely choose this game. My mind becomes fresh when I play Rack 'Em Up Roadtrip. My best friend also sometime plays this game with me. - By Odom
Last Tuesday I had played this game in full version as well as in demo version. Superb game this isÖÖ.. Every one can easily play this game. We have to play this game in 9 balls and in 6 different tables and win all the tournament in the game. - By Binneman
Hey buddy; itís a very challenging game. I highly prefer this game when I feel bore. I get lots of fun when I play this game. I am big fan of this game. Its graphic and music is very pleasant, which enchanted me to play this game again and again. - By Deon
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