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Download Sewer Run Game Free by Kinelco

1888 Free online Games » Racing Games » Sewer Run
Bring your mountain board and ride the wildest open sewer runs ever!
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OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me Memory: 64 MB CPU: P3 1.5 Ghz Video: 32MB 3D Accelerated Video Card Other: Shockwave Player

Sewer Run Detail  
Take to the hills, strap on your mountain board and race down some of the longest and wildest open sewer outlets! Get dirty racing up to 7 boarders, taking on a slalom run, performing some freestyle moves or in a battle to the death! There are 9 unique tracks to unlock in 3 mountain environments! Shoot photos and video to earn kudos and unlock additional features! Sewer Run will move you faster than you've ever moved before under your own momentum, so ride the sewers today!
user's review for Sewer Run game
“Sewer Run” is a fabulous game of mountain board racing. While playing this game I have brought my mountain board and ride the wildest open sewer runs ever. This is great motivating game to ignite your passion of racing on mountain. - By Mona
In this game there are 9 unique tracks to unlock in 3 mountain environments; I have got great deal of thrills to go through all the tracks and entire background of this game. I play this game thrice in a day and have been playing it for 8 days. - By Hinduja
“Sewer Run” is the pretty much and coolest game ever for me. I like mountain racing so I have chosen this game and now play everyday with my younger brother. So really you wish to have fun and enjoyment, play this remarkable game. - By Stuart
I can learn something new from “Sewer Run”. The game concept is using skill and avoiding absentmindedness so that I can get smart things in my life and avoiding dull things. I also teach this concept to all my small cousins. Very Good Game to All game players. - By Bruce
You can play “Sewer Run” online game very simply but it is not an easy game. It is a thrilling game. I like its all levels. I am fond of this game very much especially its game thinking. Thanks a lot for giving us outstanding game. - By Molly
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