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Bourne Conspiracy
PS3 $31.35  ($59.99)
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Bourne Conspiracy Details
Release Date: Jun 03, 2008
Publisher: Activision Publishing
List Price: $59.99
Platform(s): PS3
Genre: Action
ESRB Rating: Teen
Bourne Conspiracy Description

Bourne Conspiracy is third-person action game that combines hunter-prey gameplay with seamless mix of hand-to-hand fighting, dramatic escapes, gunplay and Jason Bourne's signature combat style. Experience new storyline as Bourne and enjoy whole game as trained killer and marked government agent. Try the best to discover true identity of Bourne uncover the plan that covers his origins. Make use of his characteristic capabilities to identify threats and perform devastating takedown moves.

In this action PS3 game, player can use hand-to-hand combat staples like kicks, punches and blocks. Once Bourne has developed sufficient adrenaline then he can give out with normal blend of moves. And if Bourne has developed even higher levels of adrenaline, he will get ability to demolish many enemies at the same time with the single button. Utilize unique combat adrenaline system to complete devastating takedowns. Varieties of Bourne's combat style are recreated by Jeff Imada, a fight choreographer for the Bourne movies.

Bourne Conspiracy Features
  • Real-time cinematography engine
  • Combat and dramatic escape scenarios
Bourne Conspiracy Reviews
  • Well executed g by Kenneth
  • Well executed game. Hiee…Here I would like to mention that, got on my b’day as a present. I’hv instantly enjoyed it on my ps3 and the thing that I like is cinematic presentation style that actually very good. Gre8!!!
  • As per my view, by Mansi
  • As per my view, video games and Hollywood movie have frequently love affair with the government agents bcz their job seems pack with danger and action. Without getting afraid, I have started to play it in enormous environment. I'd recommend it.
  • I love to play by Nomad
  • I love to play the shooter game, because get to use different models of my favorite gun. It’s full to lots of fast paced actions, so the objective takes me straight to gun firing and hand to hand combat. Fighting is too much interesting and fun with lots of kool takedowns.
  • Awesome game, I by Gabe
  • Awesome game, I don't care what anyone else says… I really surprised to get fast paced and seemingly well made action title. Additionally, driving level is really great that recreate chase scene in Paris from the movie. Maximum fun, maximum chaos…
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