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  • Dynasty Warriors 6
  • Dynasty Warriors 6
  • Dynasty Warriors 6
  • Dynasty Warriors 6
  • Dynasty Warriors 6
Dynasty Warriors 6
PS3 $21.29  ($39.99)
PS2 $39.98
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Dynasty Warriors 6 Details
Release Date: Feb 20, 2008
Publisher: Tecmo Koei
List Price: $39.99
Platform(s): PS3, PS2
Genre: Action
ESRB Rating: Teen
Dynasty Warriors 6 Description

Dynasty Warriors 6 is a hack and slash action Play-Station 3 game based on epic novel. Tecmo KOEI represents this sixth installment of Dynasty Warriors series show the massive battles ignited by fall of the Han Dynasty as 3 rebellious states moved to defeat the Emperor of China. A new proprietary combat engine creates real situation of combat in single-handheld, where player has to destroy thousands of soldiers. The fluid motion-captured animation, lightning-fast, kung-fu fighting, immersive environments and intuitive combat system give unparalleled gaming experience. Make use of New Skill map to decide how character develops.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Features
  • Enemy unit AI
  • Fighting techniques
  • New "Renbu" attack system
Dynasty Warriors 6 Reviews
  • Iím crazy for t by Catherine
  • Iím crazy for the Dynasty Warriors series then how could I miss to play this sequence! Lots of new technologies and beautiful graphics make the game-play live! I will highly recommend to all my friends!
  • One of my most by Jeff
  • One of my most favorite games with the simple rule! There are lots of addictive levels and combat engine. Try it out, you will surely like it! If I have to suggest the best game than it will be Dynasty Warriors 6!
  • What a wonderfu by Michael
  • What a wonderful game Dynasty Warriors 6 is!!! A combat system and kung-fu fighting put action lover one step ahead. Tons of fun! Addictive! In short, it is full of fun and entertaining game!
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